Whatever Gets You Home

Driving home in the wee hours of Saturday night, coming home from a gig, we started thinking about all the other people, driving home in the winter weather, trying to rejoin their family and friends for Christmas. We had a minor top 30 hit with 'Whatever Gets You Home' back in 2008 and we thought it encompassed a lot of what we were thinking that night. So after a couple of hours sleep we met up and put this together, as best we could on short notice, just as a reminder of all those people travelling over the next few days! Thanks to Shane "The Weapon" Weldon on Bass, Maurice "The Space Cowboy" Mcilraith on guitar, "Magic" Mark O' Sullivan on percussion and Jason "All In" Woodard for thinking of it and putting it all together!
Happy Christmas
Safe Home

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Pat Fitz
Always love this gig.... see Ye Friday 🙌 https://t.co/qbcSm8OJJk
Pat Fitz
@Reardenscork @corknightlife @corklivemusic Can’t wait 😍
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